Concrete Leveling – Is Slabjacking Right For You?

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You are not alone if you haven’t heard of concrete leveling. When researching repair methods for a cracked concrete slab, many homeowners first learn this term.

This repair method may be new to you, so you may wonder if it works. The answer is yes. Since the 1930’s, concrete leveling has been successfully used for concrete repairs.

It may be helpful for you to learn more about the process.

How Can Concrete Leveling Fix a Damaged Slab?

You may believe that replacement concrete lifting is the only option if you look at a badly cracked slab. It may seem too simple. How could a few small holes be drilled and then injected with cement or foam to fix the damage?

Consider the cause of the damage. Changes in the underlying soils cause slabs to sink. The integrity of the soil is affected by a number of factors.

There are voids or empty areas beneath the slab over time. The heavy concrete sinks when it is not supported. The process fills the voids and keeps the soil stable. When the material is injected, the pressure lifts the slab and it is back to its original position.

The repair is almost invisible after the caulk is applied.

How Long Do Concrete Leveling Repairs Hold Up?

A repair lasts longer than a fresh slab. When it comes to repairing concrete damage, newer is not better than older.

New concrete will be poured on top of the existing foundation if you replace your slab. The voids will not be fixed unless you spend the necessary time and money to refill andcompact the soil. The old slab will crack as a result of the new settlement.

Most repairs last longer than replacements because they address the underlying cause. If you want to get the results you want for a while, you should pour a new slab.

How is Concrete Leveling So Affordable?

It costs at least 50 percent less to slabjack. It sounds too good to be true for a lot of homeowners.

When you think about it, it makes sense. slab replacement is more complex than concrete leveling. The old material has to be broken out and hauled away. Concrete must be poured and finished. Less than half a day is when slabjacking takes place.

Our years of satisfied customers tell you that slabjacking works. It could be the perfect solution for your damaged concrete. Contact Lift Right Concrete. We have convenient locations in Grantsville and West Jordan, Utah.

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