Eco-Friendly Clothing

Most of us like to buy trendy clothing, the newest collections ideally, but all of us know that collections change over and over and your once favourite jumper ends up in a dusty corner of your wardrobe; the buying cycle goes round and round.

If you pay a little bit more you can get some pieces of clothing that are friendly to the environment and people who make them.

I thought ethical fashion was boring, but in this article I will show you some brands that will make you change your mind.

You can see that a company takes the approach seriously by looking at the packaging of their clothing.

The clothing from Mandala is delivered in tissue paper, packed in boxes made of FSC certified paper and come in bags or boxes made from recycled cardboard. It’s cool.

The leggings I am wearing are made of organic cotton and look beautiful. The jumper is comfortable and stylish.

Their range is made of eco-friendly fabrics tie dye shorts like GOTS-certified organic cotton, sustainable Tencel or recycled polyster.

I am wearing a organic cotton fleece jumper. The style has a trendy crop to it and is relaxing. The moss is soft

The jogging pants are made of organic cotton. There are two side seam pockets and a super comfy waist.

South India is where the clothing is made. The brand is against child labor. The other brands have a focus on the environment. They use recycled materials in their clothing.

Afora World tries to be friendly to everyone and friendly to the environment.

They are using materials that have been recycled. The packaging materials are chosen with care.

The shirt and pants are big and look oversized.

All made of organic cotton and super comfy.

Natural materials are used to make fabrics. The cotton is from west of Turkey.

The mission of Iron Roots is not to release microplastics.

This hoodie is made from a mix of organic cotton andHemp and is soft.

It is good for your body because it is antibacterial and keeps it warm.

The fabric of the performance jogger has a medium thickness, which makes it perfect for all weather conditions.

Uzma Bozai is also offering beautiful sustainable clothing.

I love the design of this sweatshirt.

Each piece of the Uzma Bozai takes up to 15 hours to make.

The jumper is comfortable.

Organic cotton uses less water, less toxic chemicals and has less effect on the environment.

It is up to you what you want to do with your money, but if you think of all the benefits of ethical fashion, maybe you want to try it.

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