Eicher Tractor – The Best Tractor in India

The name of tractor manufacturing is old. The company was founded in 1936. It was started by Joseph and Albert Eicher. In Germany, Joseph and Albert were born. They wanted to make a machine that was suitable for agriculture while doing some work. The first automatic mower was built by Eicher.

The first 20 HP diesel engine tractor was manufactured in 1936 by Eicher. After a year, Eicher was screened for the first time. Many of Eicher’s tractors were launched after this.

In the country and abroad, Eicher has earned a lot of fame. They started manufacturing in India in 1959 The company started production of indigenous technology cutting machine tractor. They won the hearts of their customers by changing their tractor according to the time and need. It is one of the most loved tractor brands in India due to the wide range of options and the price.

They are giving a tough competition to other tractor brands because of their increased brand value. Over the past year, the company has sold more than 150,000 vehicles. The Indian market has a 25% share in Eicher. More than 1000 certified dealers and 1500 service centers live on the coast to solve every problem of their customers.

Range Of Eicher Tractors In India

Since the beginning, Eicher has manufactured advanced and economical tractor. There is a wide range of tractor in the market. There are more than 15 tractor models in India. Their price is very low and they have fuel efficient specifications which reduces the cost of operations. These tractor are successful in wooing Indian customers. There are 18 HP to 60 HP tractor categories. The 18 HP power of the mini tractor is very popular.

EIcher Tractors Range

The popular Eicher 333 Super Di is one of the most reliable and capable of working on any agricultural equipment. The hard work of farmers can be reduced with the use of advanced and latest technology. Let us know about the prices of the tractor models.

Eicher Tractor Price List In India

One of the reasons that Eicher is successful in India is its low price. The farmers can easily use these tractors in their budget. The smallest tractor of the Eicher is the Eicher 188 which is a mini tractor. The highest price is Rs 6.90 lakh. The 50 HP tractor is quite economical. Let us know the cost of other tractor in India.

The price of the tractor models is in the thousands of dollars. The price is 2.90 Eicher 241. 3.42 starts from Rs. The start price is Rs. The starting price is Rs. The Super Plus starts from Rs. 5.10 Eicher . The price is Rs. 5.30. The Super DI starts from Rs. The starting price is Rs. Prices may be different based on your location.

Features & Specifications of Eicher Tractor

The company has given good technology. There are different options for the engine. It has capacities from 1000 to 3300 CC. The best features of this car are 2200 RPM Engine Rate, Water Coolant, 15 TO 42 HPPTO, Oil Air Filter, Double and Single Clutch option, Power Steering, Oil Immersed Brakes, and forward speed of 30 kmph.

Why Farmers Choose Eicher Tractors

Which customers trust each other. That’s why it’s still in a strong position in India. At a low cost, customers can get the very best latest technology tractor from Eicher. The oil consumption is very low. It increases income by increasing savings.

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