Foundation Repair – What You Need to Know

It can take several weeks for a foundation repair project to be completed. You may need to do a few repairs once this process is complete. Cracks in the wall and floor are caused by foundation problems. You may end up with a mess outside. The aesthetic issues can be fixed once your home is level again. If you don’t get a repair done, the cracks will get worse. Your home can look better after a foundation repair.

The Wait

Wait 3-6 weeks after your foundation repair before you start repairing damage to your home. A foundation repair restores the home to its previous position. Some damage can be caused by the movement from the repair process. If you don’t fix cracks early, you will have to do it again in a few weeks.

It’s best to give your home time to get used to it. You might need to fix cracks in walls, adjust door frames, and replace flooring. If you’re in need of follow-up repairs, a Michigan company can help.


You should keep an eye on the cracks in your walls for the next few weeks. You may get new cracks as the house settles concrete lifting. The inside and outside of your home can have cracks. The appropriate specialists are needed for brick repair. It can enter your house through cracks. Proper solutions help prevent further damage.


It’s important to repair cracks in the concrete slab and the flooring on top. The carpet may need to be lifted to check for damage. Problems with the foundation can cause cracks. The flooring may become warped. Before you replace the flooring in your home, make sure the floor is level. Unlevel cement areas outside your home can be dangerous. Sometimes homeowners need to redo their entire driveway.


If you have a leak, your plumbing company may be able to help. You should pay attention to your water usage. Look for low water pressure in the home. The pipes can become misplace. Plumbing problems can be detected early and avoided.

Doors and Windows

After the foundation repair, you may need to have work done on the frame of the doors and windows. After the house settles back into its original position, some of the problems may be solved. You need to check the door and window frames a few weeks after the foundation repair.

When you realize you need more work on your home, don’t become discouraged. The other issues can be worked on at a time once the foundation is complete. If you fix the cracks in the walls first, you won’t have to worry about the rain. The frames of windows and doors can allow water to enter. After a foundation repair, it is possible to restore your home.

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