Top 10 Sustainable Active Wear Brands of 2018

Last Updated on September 15, 2020

I would like to do more round up posts natural yoga wear this year. I did one last year on underwear, sheets, and my favorite holiday dresses.

I love supporting sustainable businesses so I have written a lot of posts.

I support the second hand market and have great tips for mastering it.

As confident as I am in the second hand market, undies, sheets, and workout gear are some of the pieces that I would like to buy first hand. The struggle of buying workout gear is made more difficult by the color of it. Poly doesn’t absorb as much water as natural fibers.

The fabric of the shirt allows the sweat to move from the skin through the shirt. I am not a fan of cotton leggings, but they are not super comfortable when I run. It makes jogging almost unbearable because my legs itch. When it is a low/non-sweat activity like yoga, I wear cotton leggings.

microfiber pollution is a big problem due to plastic clothing, so I am working on a post about it.

We need to proceed cautiously when washing synthetic clothing.

Air your clothes out before you wash them. Go for a micro-fiber bag or microfiber ball.

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Ethical Workout Clothes

It is made in Phoenix. They source their fabrics from dead stock.

During the production process, all of their scraps are turned into tag strings, head bands and they use the smaller scraps to stuff dog beds which are donated to the local shelter.

They work with artists to make their own collections. You can check out the featured artists here.

This is a good choice for more active classes because their leggings are made with a sweat tech fabric that is Breathable and Sweat Absorbing.

The summit power legging and redemption swoosh legging are my favorites.

You can get 25% off your first purchase with the code.

2. la relaxed:

LA Relaxed was made in Los Angeles. Oprah declared that this jumpsuit was one of her favorite things of the year.

LA Relaxed uses plant-based fabrics that are known for better temperature regulation.

Sustainably grown and produced from beech wood, this dreamy fabric is luxuriously soft and temperature regulating.

Cotton and Hemp: Organic Cotton is pesticide free and Earth-friendly, so it can be used to create a soft fabric. It is hypo-allergenic and resistant to the sun.

Tencel fabrics are naturally temperature regulating and antibacterial because of their closed-loop process.

Tencel has a soothing hand feel.

I have had several LA Relaxed pieces for a couple of years and they are very soft and warm.

I like to wear my joggers and walk around the house with Nala.

The jogger in azure and the smooch sweatshirt in oatmeal are my top choices.

3. prana:

They are committed to ethics and sustainable practices.

They brought it in themselves because the town they are based in doesn’t provide compost.

They donate a portion of the proceeds from a select collection of items during the holidays.

A mission that has been close to our hearts for a number of years, this non-profit organization transforms lives by connecting underserved youth with the outdoors.

I am very impressed with how they are managing forests.

We need to make sure the forests are being managed properly, because I am a huge supporter of modern plant based fibers.

I am very excited that they are eliminating polybags.

Laws in the US require that most clothing items arrive individually wrapped in plastic, which makes it difficult to do.

It is difficult to work with distribution houses that are plastic free.

The moss green set is made with recycled poly becksa and becksa bras.

4. girlfriend:

They were one of the first to take plastic water bottles and turn them into clothes.

They blew up and are completely sold out.

Their about page is very detailed about how their fabric is made.

This is where the plastic bottles come from that they use to turn into fabric. Taiwan, a small island nation of 23 million people, has transformed into a world leader in recycling because of widespread change.

Feb 11 is the next drop, I hear. The midnight paloma bra, midnight leggings, and smoke margot wrap are my top picks if you want to get a new set.

5. outdoor voices:

The bright colors of outdoor voices make them my favorite.

China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Italy, and Portugal are where they manufacture.

Quality, compliance, fair wages and benefits, and dedication to minimize environmental impacts on water waste and emission are prioritized by them.

They work with specialists around the globe to develop high quality, made-to-sweat-in textiles.

We are passionate about finding ways to manufacture our materials and styles more sustainable.

Our lightweight Rec Poly is made from melted down water bottles that are turned into fibers.

The styles in the Seamless collection are knitted as a tube rather than cut and sewn together.

You can buy a set for a discounted price.

They encourage and even reward you for mixing and matching so it is great.

The navy athena crop is one of my top choices. Do you know if I like blue workout clothing?

6. alternative apparel:

Alternative Apparel is best known for its comfort, simplicity and commitment to sustainable living.

They make sure that everyone in their supply chain is safe and clean, and use sustainable fabrics like organic cotton and recycled plastic.

Their polyester recycles approximately 120,000 bottles annually.

They wash their clothes with reclaimed water and use eco-friendly dyes.

Their eco-friendly packaging saves over a thousand trees, over a thousand gallons of water and 120 tons of CO2 annually.

The french terry shorts are my top pick.

7. tentree:

One of my favorites is Tentree. In this post, I talked about them a lot.

Tentree was founded in 2012 with a goal to deliver well-crafted, sustainable clothing and with each purchase 10 trees would be planted

More than 24 million trees have been planted. There are 24 million trees and counting.

The trees have been planted in Canada, the United States, Nepal, and other places.

You can read more about their work here.

Their amazing projects use sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton and recycled polyester.

The tulita bomber and the pants I am currently wearing are my top picks.

8. satva:

I said I would run with cotton. I was mistaken.

I realized my old non-organic cotton leggings weren’t designed for action when I tried Satva’s organic cotton leggings.

Satva has cracked the code.

They have mastered high-tech exercise gear and organic natural fibers. I am reaching for these leggings the most.

Their mission is what really speaks to me, beyond being amazing, perfect for jogging, and adorable.

They work to improve the economic prosperity of small and marginal organic farmers.

Satva gives a portion of their proceeds to local programs.

The giri semi-fitted gray jacket is one of my top picks. These leggings are amazing.

9. icebreaker:

I wear this brand of fiber. I got my first pair of Icebreaker leggings a year ago.

I own their biker shorts, four t-shirts, and sports bra. Icebreaker is my go-to for exercising.

merino-wool is an anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and rockstar for temperature regulation.

It’s possible to stay comfortable on more strenuous outdoor activities if you use monastery.

The quality of life for the sheep is ensured by the strict animal welfare policy of Icebreaker.

Every year, they produce a report that covers everything from social responsibility to worker safety.

The Women’s Tranquil Tights have a band on the inside to cinch the waist and the Cool-Lite Meld Zone Long Sports Bra are my top picks.

Do you like any sustainable active wear brands? I will check them out if you tell me in the comment section.

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